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We are in Hibernation

Farmen is in hibernation. But even though we are not actively releasing albums, our entire back catalogue is available through our online stor:


Farmen-artists on iTunes

iTunes Music Store have now most of our releases available, so if you prefer to buy music online, please check out:

If you prefer MSN or other download shops, you can choose from over 150 shops worldwide, check the list here.


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Bjørn Berge has spent most of the last three years testing the live market in Europe. It all topped itself last year when he more or less stayed in France. This has lead to sales exceeding 10 000 copies of St Slide and a solid position on the live scene.

With his new album Bjørn Berge finally steps out and delivers his rawest album to date. Musically, the album is in principal based around a “trio-feel” with Bjørn Berge playing guitars and bass, backed by Tore Jamne on drums. Bjørn Berge shows with no doubt that he's got lots of rock in his veins as well. The sound on the record is raunchy and heavy with a wall of riffs.

Bjørn Berge has picked lyrics from his American labelmate Tim Scott McConnell for this record, and it’s a brilliant match. Especially “Darker side of me”, “Follow through” and “Out of time” might turn some heads.

“We’re gonna groove” will be supported by a lengthy Norwegian tour this winter/spring, as well as be released in the following territories: Denmark (March), France (April), BeNeLux (May) GAS (August).


Listen to soundclips and order music here;
28 .01.06



Bjørn Berge on Tour in France, Denmark and Norway

Once again, Bjørn Berge is hitting the road, this time to maken an extensive tour in France, Denmark and Norway:

10. January Surgeres (F) Comite d' Animation Locale
11. January Nantes (F) Salle Paul Fort
12. January Vernouillet (F) L' Atelier a Spectacles
13. January Reims (F) La Cartonnerie
14. January Hazebrouck (F) Theatre de l' Orpheon
17. January Canteleu (F) Espace Culturel Franqois Mitterand
18. January Rennes (F) Peniche Spectacle
20. January Saint Saulve (F) Espace Athena
21. January Brehal (F) Salle des Amis de la Plage

01. February Stavanger (NO) Folken
03. February Bergen (NO) Kvarteret
09. February Tromsø (NO) By: larm
10. February Finnsnes (NO) Otto's
11. February Tromsø (NO) By: larm
16. February Nøtterøy (NO) Kulturhuset
17. February Beitostølen (NO) Arnolds
18. February Sarpsborg (NO) Gleng Huset

02. March Oslo (NO) Rockefeller
03. March Drammen (NO) Union Scene
09. March Kongsberg (NO) Akkustisk Vinter
10. March Drøbak (NO) Akkustisk Vinter
11. March Asker (NO) Akkustisk Vinter
16. March Roskilde (DK) Gimle
17. March Vordingborg (DK) Stars
18. March Århus (DK) Voxhall
23. March Ålborg (DK) Studenterhuset
24. March Kolding (DK) Pitstop
25. March København (DK) Rust



Farmen reperotire as downloads in a web-shop near you!

Great day in the distribution department! From now on, you can find music by Kaizers Orchestra, Bjørn Berge, Tim Scott McConnell and Tønes in over 120 download shops in over 20 countries.
A list of shops offering Farmen downloads is available here.


Tim Scott McConnell on tour in Europe with Madrugada

Tim Scott McConnell is invited as support act for Madrugada on their tour in Europe:

14.11.2005 Voxhall Aarhus (DK)
15.11.2005 Lille Vega Copenhagen (DK)
16.11.2005 Schlachthof Bremen (Germany)
17.11.2005 Batschthof Frankfurt (Germany)
19.11.2005 Effenaar Eindhoven (Netherlands)
20.11.2005 Patronaat Haarlem (Netherlands)
21.11.2005 Vera Groningen (Netherlands)
22.11.2005 Botanique Brussels (Belgium)
23.11.2005 Handelsbeurs Gent (Belgium)
24.11.2005 Fri-son Fribourg (Switzerland)
25.11.2005 Volkshaus Zurich (Switzerland)

Keep updated at


Bjørn Berge; Tour de France in October

Matpackers in ready with their 5th album "Hedersmann". Inspired by Irish folk rock, their music taste of salt sea with stories about life on the coast and on the sea.

You can listen to soundclips and order downloads or CDs here.


Bjørn Berge; Tour de France in October

Bjørn Berge is making waves in France, and both albums and gigs have found an increasing audience. In October, Bjørn is once again going on tour in France:
06. October: Espace Liberte, Massy (F)
07. October: EMb, Sannois (F)
08. October: La Clef, St.Germain (F)
09. October: Club, Cognac (F)
11. October: La Laiterie, Strasbourg (F)
12. October: L'Usine a Gaz, Nyon (CH)
13. October: Vertigo, Nancy (F)
14. October: Rhino Jazz Festival, Rive de Gier (F)
15. October: La Monnaie, Romans (F)
16. October: Rhino Jazz Festival, St.Joseph (F)

Stay updated on Bjørns
21 .08.05


Kaizers Orchestra's Universal-debut

We congratulate Kaizers Orchestra with yet another great album, their first for Universal Music.
You can order all previous Kaizers-releases here.


Farmen repertoire available on online services in the near future

We’re finally starting to get our catalogue available on different online services throughout the world. On iTunes, Tim Scott McConnells latest relase ’13 songs’ is already available, and Kaizers Orchestra, Tønes and more will hopefully be made available within the next few days.
Our repertoire will also be made available through a lot of different services around the world, among them MSN, CDON and others.


"Evig Pint" - Norway's best video ever....

The viewers of the Norwegian videoshow "Svisj" agree that "Evig Pint" is the best Norwegian video ever.
The same video also won the videoprize at the Norwegian Grammy (Spellemannprisen) in 2003.


Bjørn Berge touring Europe

Bjørn Berge will tour more or less constatly the next months;
06. May Deventer (NL) Burgerweeshuis
07. May Eindhoven (NL) Effenaar
08. May Geneve (CH) Le Chat Noir
10. May Orleans (F) Astrolabe
11. May Niort (F) Camji
12. May Brest (F) Le Vauban
13. May Moissy-Cramayel (F) 18 Marches
14. May Lille (F) I' Aeronef
15. May Paris (F) Foire de Paris
16. May Oss (NL) Blues n Bos Festival
21. mai Herning (DK) Rock i Herning
27. May Årnes (NO) På Sporet
01. June St-Nazaire (F) V.I.P
02. June Lorient (F) Cabaret Nova
03. June St Brieuc (F) Art Rock Festival
04. June St Brieuc (F) Art Rock Festival
05. June Alencon (F) Luciole
11. June Oslo (NO) Rockefeller
30. june Skånevik Skånevik Bluesfestival NEW
02. July (new date) Roskilde (DK) Roskilde Festival NEW
27. July Arendal (NO) Canal Street Festival



New distributour for Norway and export sales

Farmen has signed a distribution agreement in Norway with Musikkoperatøren, after a few years with Universal.
Musikkoperatørene will also handle export sales of our catalogue.
If you're a local distributor wanting to sell our music, please contact


Bjørn Berge confirmed for Roskilde

Well, it's finally confirmed:
Bjørn Berge will play at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark this summer!
He has over the last years played a lot of gigs in Denmark, but our guess is that the Roskilde-gig will generate a hole bunch of new fans, being the magnificant live performer that he is.
More info to be found at


Tim Scott McConnell: "13 songs" to be released in February

We're proud to announce that Tim Scott McConnells new album "13 songs" is released today.
This is Tim Scotts first soloalbum in years and it's really a no-bullshit album, just this amazing songwriter and his guitar.
Most of the record is Tim Scott live in the studio, fighting with his six or twelve-string, stomping his foot and singing.
More information, sound clips etc. to be found here.
You can order the CD and / or buy downloads at our shop.
Get all information you need at



Tim Scott and Bjørn Berge t-shirts

We have now received new t-shirts for Tim Scott and Bjørn Berge in connection with Tims new album and Bjørns ongoing tour.
And with these two guys, what's more natural than two have the designe made by a tattoo-designer?
The t-shirts are in black with white print, and comes in various sizes and models.
You'll find the t-shirts in our shop


Bjørn Berge + Tim Scott on tour in Denmark
Bjørn Berge off to France

Bjørn Berge will tour Denmark in February, with Tim Scott as support.
At the moment, Bjørn Berge is in France to promote the release of "St. Slide" in collaboration with our distributor Night and Day Distribution.
Next month, Bjørn will return to France to do several concerts, so all you French bluesenthusiasts; check it out.
More info to be found at og


Tim Scott's new website!

Tim Scott's new website is now up and running at
Here you'll find news, information about upcoming gigs, soundclips, image gallery and much more.



On the road again....

In January and February, Bjørn Berge will tour in Denmark and Norway:
21. january Glenghuset Sarpsborg (NO)
22. january Glenghuset Sarpsborg (NO)
28. january Dirty Nelly Hamar (NO)
10. february Rytmeposten Odense (DK)
11. february Fermaten Herning (DK)
12. february Skive Theater Skive (DK)
18. february Skråen Ålborg (DK)
19. february Voxhall Aarhus (DK)
Keep yourself updated on the tourlist by visiting Bjørn Berges homepage.
20 .12.04


Thanks, goodbye, good luck!

We congratulate Kaizers Orchestra with their new deal with Universal Music in Germany. Since Farmen released their debut album in 2001, Kaizers Orchestra has established themselves as one of Norways biggest rock acts ever, and have also experienced a bit of sucsess on the continent!
We wish them all the best on their new label.
You can


Tom Waits reccomends "Ompa til du dør" by Kaizers Orchestra on Amazon!

To mark the release of his new album Real Gone, Tom Waits moves into the guest editor's chair and talks about some of his favourite albums for And "Ompa til du dør" by Kaizers Orchestra is one of the few albums:

"Norwegian storm trooping tarantellas with savage rhythms and innovative textures. Thinking man’s circus music. Way out."

Go to Amazon.
And let there be no doubt; we strongly reccomend Waits new masterpiece "Real gone".
You can listen to soundclips and order all Kaizers Orchestra releases here.


New album from singer/songwriter Tønes: Grønnare gras

We're proud to present the new album from singer/songwriter Tønes. This is the 4th album from one of Norway's most exiting singer/songwriters, and "Grønnare gras" is produced by Tim Scott McConnell (ex. Havalinas).
More information, soundclips etc, check out the album page here.
Tønes new and updated website:


Kaizers Orchestra new EP "The Gypsy Finale" out now - only available in our shop and on KO concerts

We are proud to present "The Gypsy Finale", a 3 track CD-singel only available through our shop and and at Kaizers Orchestra gigs.
"The Gypsy Finale" was recorded live at the bands already legendary concert at Rockefeller, Oslo, in February 2004.
Read more about the release and listen to soundclips here.
You can order "The Gypsy Finale" here.
The band will be touring Europe the next couple of months


Kaizers Orchestra "Evig Pint" and Bjørn Berge's "St.Slide" to be released in Europe

Today, Kaizers Orchestras second album "Evig Pint" and Bjørn Berges latest "St. Slide" will be officially released in Europe, more spesific; in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria (for a start).

Both acts will also do several concerts on the continent in the near future..
You'll find a list of our distribution partners here.

For more information about Kaizers Orchestra, album and sound clips, click here.

For more information aboutn Bjørn Berge, "St. slide" and soundclips, click here

Updated tour dates and even more information; and


Norwegian Grammy Award (Spellemannprisen);
Best video: Kaizers Orchestra "Evig Pint"

Kaizers Orchestra won tonight The Norwegian Grammy Award (Spellemannprisen) for best video of the year for the video to the title track of their latest album "Evig Pint".
The album will be launched throughout Europe in March.


New CD: Bjørn Berge - "St. Slide"

We are proud to present ”St. Slide”, the new album from blues guitarist and two time Norwegian Grammy Award-winning Bjørn Berge.
Once again, he stretches the definition of the blues genre, and with “St. Slide” he continue to explore his unique, hard and funky deltablues.
“St.Slice” includes tracks by such different artists as Motorhead (”Ace of spades”), Morphine (”Thursday”) og Frank Zappa (”Keep it greasy”, as well as Bjørn Berge’s own songs.
Bjørn Berge must be experienced live!
You can buy Bjørn Berges music as CD's or digital downloads, or even t-shirts here;
Bjørn Berge official website:


"Official bootleg" with Havalinas available

We have managed to get our hands on a small number of copies of the "official bootleg" "Go North" by Tim Scott's legendary band The Havalinas.
The recording is from Bergen, Norway, in 1991, and includes 12 tracks (app 70 minutes) of some of the greatest live rock music to be played on Norwegian soil. The recording is originally released by the Japanese label RevelYell.
You can order Havalinas' "Go north" in our shop.


Norwegian Grammy to Bjørn Berge

Yesterday, Bjørn Berge could receive Spellemannprisen, the Norwegian Grammy, for his latest album "Illustrated man" as the best Norwegian blues album in 2002.
You can read more about Bjørn Berge and his releases here.



Platinum for "Evig Pint" by Kaizers Orchestra

2 weeks after the release, "Evig Pint" has sold more than 40.000 copies, which in Norway qualifies for a platinum award.


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