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The MoMac Trio


The MoMac Trio

Tim Scott after Farmens
kick-off-party in '96.
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The MoMac Trio is the new project from Tim Scott, former leader of the band Havalinas.
Tim Scott is now living in Norway, and together with Bret Garen and Leo Christian, he has formed The MoMac Trio.

How to describe The MoMac Trio?

Someone said that there's a "gap" in the music history that the MoMac Trio seems to fullfill. Maybe it's "the missing link"? Because it is jazz..., but have nothing to do with jazz, because it's pure rock'n'roll - but yet it's not.

Or as Tim Scott himself answered the question:

" Hmm… aaaah…, let's see… It's a magicians hat, the wild card, a perfect mistake, the missing page, a well cut suit, a secret recipe, slippery like the truth, the midnight train, a champagne cork in flight, it's just what you expected not to expect, it is what it is and sometimes isn't… It's The MoMac Trio! "

We are extremely proud to work with Tim Scott, an entertainer and songwriter of extreme talent. Since his Havalinas days in the early '90's, Tim has been on our "most wanted" list, and luckily for us, love made him move to Norway.

Not many songwriters have been covered by Bruce Springsteen. But in the '90's "The Boss" made a cover version of the Havalinas hit "High hopes"

The MoMac Trio's first album was launched in October 2002.

The Mocac Trio:
MoMac (Tim Scott): - Guitar, vocal
Leo Christian (Leif Ovesen) - Drums, vocal
Bret Garen (Vegar Engebretsen): - Bass, vocal

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    The MoMac Trio: "The MoMac Trio"  

CFCD 107 (2002)


Debut album from The MoMac Trio, released October 2002.
An over-qualified trio, playing swingin' music you're doomed to enjoy. Best described as traditional American storytelling, using music elements from the 1920/1930's.

Tim Scott is one hell of an entertainer, and a unique songwriter and storyteller.

This album is licensed to Revel Yell in Japan.

Here's a warning you'll be moanin' in the morning
Today's my lucky day

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