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Bjørn Berge, Norway's best selling blues artist, started to play guitar when he was 13 years old. After playing for some years, Bjørn discovered Robert Johnson, Elmore James, Leo Kottke and John Hammond. Bjørn Berge, as we know him today, was born.

Yet, the term "blues" doesn't cover what Bjørn Berge is all about. We're taking raw, hellraising rock influenced by a wide variety of music styles.

Bjørn Berge's got a voice like gravel and broken glass, and sings as if the devil himself is snapping at his heels. Years of touring with nothing much but junk food, cigarettes, rainy tarmac and ferry ports to look forward to between gigs have paid off; these days Berge is one of Norway's most respected and critically praised artists. Those who have seen this medicine man of music on stage know to rate him as one of our greatest guitarists.
He growls and barks, sometimes snarling the lyrics rather than singing them, spitting out his blueblack groove accompanied by just his guitar and right foot. It's raw with dirt, sweat and hunger and at times almost menacingly in touch with the dark side.

Even if Berge's background is blues, his spicy homebrew reflects equal measures hip-hop and badass-funk as it does traditional blues.
Berge released his critically acclaimed Blue Mood/Warner Music debut "Blues Hit Me" in 1999. The album firmly established him as one of the most exciting contemporary artists, as well as impressing critics and audiences alike with the rare authority of his musical expression. "Bag Of Nails" goes straight for the listeners jugular, and is an even more immediate and explosive experience than its predecessor.
Armed with only his guitar, Berge is a musical highway robber savvy enough to leave the mediocre by the wayside, and only take with him what can enrich his music and performance. Live Berge is merciless, leaving audiences, but reeling as he packs up his guitar and heads on to the next venue, the next gig, the next challenge.
He plays as if he had fifty sets of arms and twenty pairs of legs, and with an insatiable musical curiosity and appetite which will never allow him to become jaded or stuck in a rut.Album available by Bjørn Berge: "Blues hit me", "Bag of nails" and "Stringmachine".

Farmen have licensed Berge's releases on Warner Music for sale outside Norway.

In August 2002 he released his first album for Farmen, called "Illustrated Man", for which he received fantastic reviews in the press in Norway and Denmark. With "Illustrated man" he won the Norwegian Grammy (Spellemannprisen) for the best Norwegian blues album in 2002.

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    Bjørn Berge: "We're gonna groove "  
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CFCD 110 (2006)

With his new album Bjørn Berge finally steps out and delivers his rawest album to date. Musically, the album is in principal based around a “trio-feel” with Bjørn Berge playing guitars and bass, backed by Tore Jamne on drums. Bjørn Berge shows with no doubt that hes got lots of rock in his veins as well. The sound on the record is raunchy and heavy with a wall of riffs.

Bjørn Berge has picked lyrics from his American labelmate Tim Scott McConnell for this record, and it’s a brilliant match. Especially “Darker side of me”, “Follow through” and “Out of time” might turn some heads.

“We’re gonna groove” will be supported by a lengthy Norwegian tour this winter/spring, as well as be released in the following territories: Denmark (March), France (April), BeNeLux (May) GAS (August).


Sample tracks:
(You'll need Windows Media player and min. 56k connection to stream)

Had a suspicion The darker side of me

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    Bjørn Berge: "St. Slide"  
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CFCD 108 (2004)

1 ½ year after his Norwegian Grammy Award winning album ”Illustrated man”, we are proud to present Bjørn Berge’s new album ”St. Slide”. The new recording includes the “usual” mix of Bjørn’s own songs and his unique versions of songs by other composers, much like he have done on his two latest (both Norwegian Grammy-winners) albums. On “St. Slide” Bjørn includes tracks by such different artists as Motorhead (”Ace of spades”), Morphine (”Thursday”) og Frank Zappa (”Keep it greasy”).

2003 was a good year for Bjørn Berge, who finally got out of Norway. He did 9 festivals in Denmark, visited England, and has toured and sold a nice amount of CD’s in Belgium and the Netherlands. In 2004 we aim to get Bjørn Berge known in Germany and France, as well as taking a closer look at the Japaneese market.

Sample tracks:
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Thursday Ace of Spades

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Reviews in Norway:

Stavanger Aftenblad En ekte blues-bjørn
VG Strengesjefen - Hans aller beste til nå
Varden Bjørn Berge viser muskler
Drammens Tidene Variert Deltamaskin
Rana Blad Leverer varene med glans
Halden Arbeiderblad  
Fredrikstad Blad Bjørn Berges beste hittil
Aftenposten Røft og tøft
Haugesunds Avis  
BergensAvisa fornyer av bluesmusikken
Dagbladet Uttrykket er tøffere, brystkassa større...
Hamar Arbeiderblad  
Sarpsborg Arb blad  
TelemarkAvisen Berge følger opp
Trønder-Avisa Røff delta-funk  
Oppland Arbeiderblad Alene - men høres ut som et orkester


    Bjørn Berge: "Illustrated man"  
CFCD 106 (2002)

"Illustrated man" is Bjørn "String Machine" Berge's first release on Farmen. His raw and energetic acoustic blues is darker and more intense than ever, even though there's still space for a couple of ballads.

Bjørn Berge received a Norwegian Grammy for "Illustrated man" as the best Norwegian Blues Album in 2002.

Sample tracks:
(You'll need Windows Media player and min. 56k connection to stream)

Cypress Grove Give it away

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    Bjørn Berge: "Stringmachine"  
CFCD 105 (2001)

On this record he is back to basic again, all by himself playing acoustic guitars, singing and foot stomping. This is as close as you can get the feeling to be at one of his live gigs.
For "Stringmachine", Bjørn Berge was awarded a Norwegian Grammy in 2002.

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    Bjørn Berge: "Bag of nails"  
CFCD 104 (2000)

Includes songs by, among others, Beck and Led Zeppelin, and is a bit harder than his previous album. Have strong elements from funk, rock and a bit of hip-hop. An alternative blues record!!

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    Bjørn Berge: "Blues hit me"  
CFCD 103(1999)

Bjørn's debut on a major label. This is the first time he's using guest musicians, e.g. Rita Eriksen and Britt Synnøve Johansen. The release angles towards a more "modern" blues.

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Photo: Paul Bernhard







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