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FARMEN - the history


Farmen (The Farm) was established in 1996. As many other independent record labels, our main ambition was (and still is) to be an alternative to the major labels, and their lack of interest for local artists.

Since then, Farmen have released albums by 13 different artists, from singer/songwriters to salsa, childrens music and rock.

Our biggest hit is Kaizer's Orchestra, a band from the west coast of Norway that have sold over 75.000 copies of ther debut album "Ompa til du dør".

Farmen is fortunate enough to work with a limited number of extremely good artists, and so far we have received 2 Norwegian Grammy's; Kaizers Orchestra's "Ompa til du dør" and Bjørn Berges "Illustrated man".

But financial success is not everything, and we stay loyal to our ambition to work with artists and music that not necessarly is made for the hitlists.

Farmen also own MBS, an independent promotion company that assists record labels and artists with marketing activities.

Farmen is still a small record company, with approx. 3-5 releases per year, on our two labels Broiler Farm and Chicken Farm. Broiler Farm is only working with artists writing Norwegian lyrics, - Chicken Farm is our "international" department. Farmen is a member of FONO - The Association of Independent Norwegian Record labels.



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